Our Step-by-Step Solar Panel Installation Process

Our Step-by-Step Solar Panel Installation Process

1.) Utility Bill

With your utility bills, we can generate your average electricity usage. This helps the design team accurately create a proposal for your home.

2.) Design Approval

We show you a satellite image of your home with solar panels, and with your approval, we move forward to inspect your roof with a site survey.

3.) Paperwork & Agreements

We will review, fill out, and sign our agreements that guarantee your low rates and guarantees the product.

4.) Site Survey

We use satellite photos, drones, and your annual energy usage to design the perfect system for your home. We show you our design and explain why it's optimal for you.

5.) Permitting

Our company takes care of all permits and paperwork required for the city and the local utility. All our customers need to do is wait for the install date.

6.) Installation

After permitting with the city, we are ready to install your panels that were designed and approved by you for your home. Install process takes 4-8 hours.

7.) Permission To Operate – PTO

After the installation, your local utility will need to do a final inspection and give permission to operate. (PTO) Once PTO is given, your solar panels are ready to be turned on, and you can start saving that next month.

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an agreement between one of our providers’ customers. We install no-cost solar panels on your home and sell you the power it produces at a lower rate than what your utility can typically provide.

Why Pay More? Pay less for electricity. Pay a lower predetermined price for every kilowatt-hour your solar panels generate. The provider you choose will customize your system by designing, permitting, and handling all the paperwork.

Guaranteed for 25 years. Manufacturing warranty to ensure maximum savings.